About Elizabeth, President/Creative

Have you ever received rave reviews on how well you can do something? But to you, it seems only so natural. If you’ve experienced this, you’re operating in your God given gift. And that’s me!

However, I do believe in education and further training to refine my talent and to stay abreast of the industry’s latest and greatest innovations. Attending trade shows, conferences, and continuing education classes is not only exciting, but necessary. More importantly…I absolutely love it!! I’m like a kid in a candy store! Thumbing through event magazines and devouring the information within transports my mind to a world of infinite possibilities!

I love event design with all its nuances. But it’s the intentional design inclusion of those small details that can make a huge impact on the overall event experience. It can make your event the “talk of the town!” And it’s what I do.

In all that I do and whatever I do I’m seeking perfection…perfection to make your event an avant-garde success!